Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Benefits of On-Farm Research

Research shouldn't be restricted to a lab or research facility. Anybody can ask the question "Why?"

On-farm research is all about asking questions that relate to your farm and seeking answers that are meaningful to you. It's about using your genetics, your environment, your health status, your management style, your feed and inputs, to find solutions to real life challenges or issues.

On-farm research is a process that has benefits beyond the findings of a particular trial. Conducting your own on-farm trials will sharpen your observational skills, improve your ability to assess the applicability of advice or new ideas, increase your ability to think "outside the box",  and give you confidence to make changes on your farm.

At Perennia, specialists in various commodities actively work with producers to help design trials  that are cost effective and practical, to find meaningful results. Specialists can provide useful background information, serve as a resource throughout the project, assist in compiling the data, and produce a straightforward report that you can use yourself and share with other farms.

The following links to "Questions from the Farm" will give you some great examples of how real life farm questions were answered by on-farm research. If you have a question that might be answered by an on-farm trial, and want assistance getting it set up, feel free to call me!

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