Friday, August 9, 2013

National Farm Level Mink Biosecurity Standard

The National Farm Level Mink Biosecurity Standard was developed over the past 2 years through a collaborative approach between CMBA, ALC, NAFA and CFIA with input from academia, AAFC and various industry and commodity groups.

This voluntary Standard establishes guidelines for various management activities that can affect animal health such as water and feed quality, bedding, sanitation practices, quarantine practices, pest control, employee training, fencing, farm access and more. The resulting Standard, Producer's Guide and Pocket Guide are tremendous tools for helping mink producers develop or enhance on-farm biosecurity protocols for their individual operations.

Copies of the Standard, Producer's Guide, and Pocket Guide were sent to individual mink producers across Canada. If you didn't receive one, additional copies are available  from CMBA or from CFIA.

For assistance developing or improving your farm's biosecurity plans, feel free to contact me.