Monday, July 29, 2013

Mink Feed Odours

Feeding mink is a tremendous way to recycle food processing wastes otherwise destined for the land fill or compost facility. Because mink are carnivores, 80-85% of their diets is composed of the unsalable by-products from fish and poultry processing, slaughter plants, cheese and egg processing, etc. In NS, hundreds of thousands of pounds of this waste is recycled by farmed mink every year to produce a much sought after commodity.

Fresh mink feed is only 35-40 % dry matter. Under certain conditions, the odours emanating from the feed can be pungent. A recent study by Perennia staff working with a NS mink rancher and a local feed kitchen, attempted to identify the odour active compounds in mink feed and various feed additives to help prevent or reduce odours from being produced.

The following link will give you the results of the study: Volatile Organic Compound release from Mink feed

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